A Simple Guide to Hanging a Hammock

A Simple Guide to Hanging a Hammock

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Learn to hang a hammock and have a cozy time


Whether it is used indoors, outdoors or camping, you have purchased a hammock out of necessity, but do you have a complete idea of hanging a hammock?


You may be a connoisseur of hanging hammocks and know that there are only three steps to hang a hammock

  1. Choose the placement of the hammock according to your vision and needs.
  2. Choose the right anchor point and prepare the tools.
  3. use the tools to properly anchor the hammock, adjusting it to your needs.


But there are still many noteworthy details in this simple step that may spoil your perfect experience. For example: the environment and attention of the place where the hammock is set up; the tools you need to hang the hammock in different scenarios; the height and angle of setting up the hammock and so on.


This article aims to introduce the 5 common types of hanging hammocks, the applicable venues, the correct operation, and the related precautions as your reference for placing a hammock. So that you can complete the correct operation of hanging hammocks in the selected venue most easily, quickly, and accurately.


5 Types of Hanging Hammocks


How to hang a hammock indoors


Applicable scenarios - bedroom, study room, etc.

Anchorages - ceiling and beams, walls


Impact drill, rope, hooks, screws, and plastic expanders (eyelets, screw fasteners, etc. are also available)


Specific operations

  1. Measure the distance, and select the two sides of the load-bearing anchor points, The anchor points can be the ceiling and beams, but can also be walls. Generally choosing the wall is easier to operate, and the anchor point is relatively strong, but also safer. Prepare tools such as an impact drill.
  2. Drill holes in the anchor points with an impact drill. Fix the immovable hook with the expansion piece to ensure that its load-bearing capacity meets the requirements, and then connect the rings on both sides of the hammock in turn.
  3. Stretch the hammock completely, lie on it to try and adjust the height and angle.



  1. Don't destroy the load-bearing wall and load-bearing beam.
  2. You can use nylon thick rope, screw buckle, spring hooks, etc. to fix the two ends of the hammock, in order to adjust the angle and height of the hammock, but it must meet the load-bearing requirements.


How to hang a hammock on a balcony, porch or terrace


Applicable scenes - balcony, terrace, porch, etc

Anchors - beams, guardrails, brackets, posts


  1. Rope, chain, or hammock straps
  2. Hammock stand

Specific operation (using rope)

  1. Select the load-bearing anchor point, if you don't want to damage the guardrail and post, choose hammock strap or rope as the tool, the anchor points need to be 8-9 feet apart.
  2. Use the hammock straps to wrap around the anchor points to secure them, and pass the connections of the hammock straps through the rings at each end of the hammock in turn.
  3. Keep the hammock stretched out and pulled tight, lie down relaxed, and adjust to the most comfortable angle.

Specific operation (using hammock stand)


The hammock stand can be applied to any scene, and it is convenient to set up the hammock, you can directly fix the locking rings at both ends of the hammock on the hook of the hammock stand through the metal chain, and you can also adjust the angle of the hammock.



  1. Pad towels or thick cotton cloth on top of the fixed ropes to prevent the wooden guardrail from being damaged.
  2. Try to pick a shadow place where the afternoon sun does not shine to prevent the hammock nap from being affected.


How to hang hammocks in parks and campgrounds


Applicable scenes - parks, campgrounds, wide yards

Anchorable objects - trees, rocks

Tools - hammock straps


Specific operation

  1. Measure the distance and select a large tree with a distance of 10-14 inches and a rock of sufficient height.
  2. Use the hammock straps to wrap around the ends of the thick trees, attach the mountaineering buckles to the loops at each end of the hammock in turn, and secure the hammock straps by pulling the attachment points through the tension of the mountaineering buckles.
  3. Those with camping experience will try multiple positions such as sitting and lying down, adjusting the hammock according to the degree of hammock sagging.


  1. Try to use hammock straps to protect trees, easy to install
  2. Keep away from water sources at least 100 meters, don't set up a hammock next to the beach
  3. Ask the owner for permission
  4. Know the environment, whether there are beasts in the water and forest, do a good job of protection
  5. Bugs are more dangerous than beasts


How to hang a hammock on top of a car


Applicable scenarios - roads, wilderness, and other places with insufficient hammock support structures

Anchor points - roof racks, roll bars, carriages, large trees

Tools - hammock straps, mountaineering buckles


Specific operation

  1. Find a strong enough tree as one of the anchor points, and select the other end of the anchor point according to your car model. The roof rack of a station wagon, the roll cage of a convertible, and the compartment of a truck or van can all be used as the anchor points.
  2. Wrap the hammock straps around the large tree and the car's anchor point respectively. Attach the hiking buckles to the loops at each end of the hammock in turn and secure the hammock straps' attachment points by tightening them with the tension of the hiking buckles.
  3. Don't be in a hurry to enjoy it, sit up and bounce twice first to see if you are fastened tightly and if the anchor points are sturdy. Lay down in the correct position and let your throne present in the most comfortable state.



Self-drive trips are noted for safety, check your car's instruction manual to make sure your hull structure is weight-bearing enough to protect you and your car.


How to hang a hammock on a sailboat


Applicable scenarios - sailboats, yachts

Anchor points - boom, mast

Tools - Rope (essential for sailboats) or hammock straps


Specific operation

  1. Want to hang high above the pass you can choose the mast, want to hang on the sea you can choose the movable hammock, some boats are also equipped with a special hammock pole used to transport cargo, all you have to do is to use the hammock instead of canvas or cargo fixed on the pole.
  2. Wrap the ropes from the boat around the ends of the poles, then pull the ropes through the loops at the ends of the hammock and fasten them.
  3. If you don't want to slip into the sea unintentionally, adjust the angle of the hammock on the boat before lifting and moving the boom.



Enjoying a hammock nap while hanging over the sea is very exciting, but we don't recommend it. The winds of the sea are unpredictable, so stay alert at all times.


Tips for a guaranteed hammock experience

  1. Check your surroundings. Whether you're indoors, on a patio, or in a campground, check your surroundings. Plants, animals, wind, sun, people, make sure there are no presences that threaten your safety or disturb your rest.
  1. Maintain proper hammock position and recline at a diagonal of 10-15°, this will help you stop your body and save your back. If you already have back and lumbar problems, a hammock can also relieve your pain, provided you use the correct posture.
  1. Try to use hammock straps with a quality guarantee. It's safer for you and friendlier to trees than ropes and chains. 
  1. Don't share a tree with your friends. You and your friends may choose to hang your hammocks together in a big enough tree to be next to each other, which makes it easier for you to talk all night long. But this is a very damaging behavior for a large tree. It is also a great safety hazard for you.

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