More Important Than You Think: Shade Sails For Sun Protection

More Important Than You Think: Shade Sails For Sun Protection

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Sunny Guard shade sails that meet the clouds in the sky


The elegant cloud is nature's gift of sun protection, but it's so casual that we crave it and can't have it. A shade sail is a cloud of our own creation, more sun-protective than a cloud and more beautiful than a rainbow. Can you imagine what it must feel like to have a rainbow-like cloud waving above your head? I'm sure the fulfillment that wells up inside you will be like the shade created by shade sails that cover your whole body. The shade sail is not only practical but also a work of art in sun protection.


Shade sails are also a must for sun protection. You might say that with all these practical sun protection products: sunscreen, sun protective clothing, umbrellas, etc., a shade sail doesn't seem to be a necessity. Is this the case? Of course no, This article will show you the importance of sun sails for sun protection, it goes beyond your imagination.


Are you paying enough attention to sun protection?


Do you take sun protection seriously enough? Statistics show that most people don't take sun protection seriously enough. Whether at a summer pool party or on a scorching beach, many people are defenseless in the presence of the sun.


According to research, less than one in five children (18.5%) apply sunscreen every two hours when the sun is strongest. Incredibly, children are more active than adults when it comes to sun protection. More than 88% of young and middle-aged people are too often exposed to strong sunlight. 


Do you think it's over? There's something even stranger, and that's the fact that most people think that just having clouds is enough to block UV rays. Clouds are capable of blocking some UV rays, but they are by no means a reliable and effective protection. The reality is that even the mildest weather can lead to sunburn. This is the reason why there will be over 15 million skin cancer patients worldwide.


Passive sun protection becomes the best vantage


Certainly, it's not that sunscreen products are ineffective. The problem is that while every sunscreen product that manages to catch on in the market has its own unique sunscreen benefits, the vast majority of them require you to pay enough attention to sunscreen and utilize it to the fullest. Otherwise, its sun protection will be much less effective.


When the emphasis on sun protection is reduced to a certain level, passive sun protection becomes the highest priority need and the best advantage of sun protection products.


 The best way to reduce those crazy data as quickly as possible is to create more shaded areas in public places and get young people, especially children, into the habit of "playing in the shade". Because sunscreen that is forgotten to be reapplied after two hours and sun protective clothing that is thrown away when you get high will not be able to use their advantages. In this way, the shade sail becomes the last line of defense against the sun. So, can the shade sail take on such a heavy responsibility?


Shade Sail Sun Protection


Sunscreen products have to be carefully selected because they are directly related to your life and health. In other words, it is not enough to have the advantage of passive sun protection and a sufficient area of protection, they must have superior performance and more unique advantages. Shade sails undoubtedly have such qualities.


Overall performance


All-around sun protection. Taking full advantage of the area for complete protection though is the advantage of shade sails. However, being able to fit precisely into spaces of all shapes and sizes is what makes shade sails unique. If you choose to customize a shade sail, it can meet your vision and blend perfectly into the environment, thus resisting the penetration of the sun at any angle.


Passive protection. The most cloud-like aspect of the shade sail is its passive protection, silently wrapping you in shadow. It is the most reliable guardian of the sun, shielding you from UV rays 24 hours a day. You no longer need to focus on sun protection every now and then, because you've got the best way to deal with intense sunlight.


Wide applicability. Pools, beaches, rooftop open air, and decks - these are the most common recreational areas and the harder-hit areas most likely to get sunburned. Installing shade sails on the water and decks can patch your sun protection holes and create the perfect shade. And it won't restrict your actions or affect your entertainment.


Low cost, high durability. A shade sail can work effectively for more than 5 years and only costs tens of dollars. And how much will other sunscreen products cost your budget?


Advantageous positioning


Unlike other sun protection products, Shade sails were originally positioned to guard everything you own. Your body, furniture, patio, car, whatever can be threatened by the sun is under its guard. Depending on your needs, it can create shaded areas that shelter your entire space, or it can guard your prized possessions separately.


To prove the superiority of the shade sail, we have compared it briefly with other sunscreen products. But interestingly, it is not positioned to clash with other products. Rather, its existence is more of a complement to the sun protection features of other products. Whether you use sunscreen or not, you'll eventually need a shady area to escape the heat and rest.



 Large Shade Sail Landscape


In fact, more and more homes are utilizing shade sails to create outdoor shaded spaces. This has been effectively tried in Australia, Europe, and the southern part of the United States with favorable feedback.


In public places, shade sails are even more effective in providing UV protection for all, reducing the probability of sunburn for passers-by and travelers. Some well-known plazas have also transformed shade sails into another spectacle through creative design. Protecting your body while delighting your soul.


Cuddle the sun wisely


All things are made to make people's lives easier. But people still need to take proper and comprehensive sun protection measures and develop good sun protection habits, rather than expecting a sunscreen sail to patch up all the holes. Until then, of course, a shade sail remains a wise and necessary choice.

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