Best Balcony Privacy Screens - Make Your Balcony a Private Shelter

Best Balcony Privacy Screens - Make Your Balcony a Private Shelter

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Sunny Guard balcony privacy screens. Turn your balcony into the perfect private sanctuary!


You are free to paint the place with your colors. A small apartment balcony can be transformed into a small garden or a study, where you can breathe in the fresh air with the scent of flowers in the morning; a semi-enclosed balcony can be upgraded into a relaxing living room, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature while enjoying your afternoon tea; and a villa balcony can be transformed into a multi-functional lounge area, where you can even have a party. The balcony Privacy Screen supports all your creative ideas.


This article will explain how SunnyGuard balcony privacy screens can turn your balcony into a private sanctuary. We will also give a little advice on installing balcony privacy screens on some special balconies and similar architectural structures.


How to turn a balcony into a private shelter?


Privacy protection - the most basic need for a private shelter


Barking dogs, chilling sight of strangers, frequent and intolerable interruptions from neighbors, all these threats make a shelter necessary. 95% or more visibility blocking, a balcony privacy screen soothes your restless heart and protects your free and quiet balcony life.


Superior quality - the perfect brick wall for a private shelter


Material: Screens made of wood and metal certainly have 100% visibility blocking, but the cost would be high, and we don't need 100% visibility blocking, which implies complete isolation from the outside space. Polyethylene pseudo-vegetation screens not only have an uneven area of visibility blockage, but they are also very difficult to resist in extreme weather. 90-95%, which is perfectly achievable with balcony privacy screens made of HPDE materials and polyester fiber materials. At the same time, it maintains a minimal impact on the internal and external circulation of air to ensure freshness. And these knitted materials are low-cost, easy to use, full performance of environmental protection materials.


Craftsmanship: The balcony privacy screen is reinforced with double stitching with evenly spaced (23.6 inches horizontally) strong aluminum locking rings to ensure that the screen can be attached to the fence with the greatest of ease while not being susceptible to tearing and damage.


Size: how big is your balcony and what size do you need? If you choose an expensive material, it may be a problem to carry it upstairs for installation, provided you have enough budget. On the other hand, our balcony privacy screen is made of 100% 175GSM HPDE material, very lightweight, easy to install, and precisely fixed in size.


If you want to learn more, you can read the Privacy Fence Screens Buyer's Guide.


Versatile Functionality - Private sanctuary Regulator


90% UV blockage. The privacy screen prevents the penetration of UV rays all year round and reduces the temperature of the covered area in hot summer days, effectively protecting your skin health.


Good Breathability. HPDE balcony privacy screens can function smoothly without damage in strong winds above 50 km/h, and can also function in strong winds above 70 km/h.


Powerful applicability (customizable) - universal decoration for private Shelter


The reason for choosing a balcony privacy screen is not just because of its privacy protection features. The availability of not only standard items in a wide range of colors and sizes but also a customization service that can perfectly match your needs, determines its ability to keep up with many privacy ideas and creativity. Many potential balcony spaces are transformed and upgraded into cohesive, creative new balcony spaces with just a privacy screen.


Budget: With a minimum budget of just $15.99 to achieve all of the above properties, you can set aside even more to upgrade your balcony space. (Non-member pricing, prices are accurate at the time of this post)


How do I install a fence privacy screen?


Fence Privacy Screen Installation for Regular Balconies


Installing a privacy fence screen for a regular balcony is very easy. Balconies nowadays commonly have balcony railings. Those who prefer a modern, simple, and practical style will use steel and aluminum. To install the screen, simply smooth the screen while using the supplied cable ties to pass through the locking rings on the screen one by one and secure it to the nearest balustrade.


Fenced Privacy Screen Balcony with Special Railing


Some love special balcony styles that are reflected in the material and shape of the railings.


1. Glass railings are used


Glass railings are cool, they provide a clear and open view, they are windproof, and more importantly, they make you feel like your privacy has expanded.


It also has drawbacks. First, it's relatively expensive. Secondly, glass balustrades are generally used recessed, where the glass heats the room through solar short-wave radiation and blocks long-wave radiation to reduce heat loss from the room. It also prevents convection in the interior space. Your balcony will be warmer than indoors in the summer and is not suitable for housing furniture such as beds, hammocks, low chairs, and some plants.


Best practice. Leave gaps between the glass balustrades with other materials. Install balcony privacy screens on the inside of the balcony depending on the season and your privacy needs. The simplest tools that can be used can be ropes and wires. If you think it is not beautiful, you can use the special perforated bracket for the balustrade.


2. Quirky balcony railings


American decoration, advocating classics and art. For example, in the traditional Maltese balcony, a variety of new and innovative carvings and decorations make the shape of the balcony railing not stereotyped. Twisted and ornate balustrade patterns like the famous Rococo balcony by Cooper Hewitt of the Smithsonian Design Museum have also caused a fad. Similarly, there are many vintage stone balconies, such as the Juliet balcony.


For these wide stone or wooden balconies, ropes, and railing-specific perforated brackets are needed, not cable ties.


Fence privacy screen installation for balcony-like structure


Balconies are also not limited to projections of superstructures. Similar structures are terraces, porches, etc. Balcony privacy screens can serve a close function on these structures as well.


On these structures, there may not be a well-developed railing structure to back up the screen. There needs to be more reliance on natural plants to form a privacy barrier, balcony privacy screens can be in front of them as a shield from the sun, or behind them as a complement to privacy protection and to deter plants from growing and dying unchecked. What you need to be more aware of is the HOA。


permits, after all, these structures, unlike balconies, can be shade and obstructive to your neighbors.




The primary consideration for turning your balcony into a private sanctuary is privacy protection, and privacy fence screens should be a very appropriate choice. Based on this, your creativity can find a balance between practicality and decorative effect, making trade-offs. Make the most of your budget and use your creativity to create a private shelter that will please you.

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