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outdoor space

Best Protagonist: Shade Sail

Most Responsible: Patio Umbrella

Best Bang For the Buck: Balcony Privacy Screen

Best Supporting Actor: Fence Screen

Most Versatile: Shade Cloth

Best Assist: Hammock

Best Design:Custom-Made

Life needs a sense of ritual! Depending on the season, nature has different places and ways of ceremony.

For the cold breath in winter, we need to avoid, usually we travel to warm places to survive the cold winter. While summer embraces the heat, we can enjoy it outdoors thanks to these top outdoor shade products.

The theme of summer is passion. BBQ parties, pool parties, and all kinds of heart-pounding gatherings will stimulate the fire of enthusiasm in everyone's heart. So, now is the time to revolutionize your outdoor space! Luckily, we've got enough quality sun sails, patio umbrellas, balcony privacy screens, sun shade cloths, and other outdoor shade products for you to choose from to make your space beautiful.

Best Protagonist: Shade Sail

shade sail

Simple and affordable to install,the sunshade sail offers an outdoor shade idea that you can't resist.

It comes in two materials, HDPE sunshade sail will turn the tough rag of the wind into finger softness.the waterproof sunshade sail allows you to enjoy the outdoors in the rain.

It is the protagonist of summer, which will Resist the oppression of the sun and isolate all the damage that the sun brings you. It can partner with the deck, decorate the pool, create shade for the courtyard, and Its protagonist status comes from its absolute influence and presence in outdoor spaces.

Most Responsible: Patio Umbrella

Patio Umbrella

There is no other character who can silently stick to his post and be loyal to his master like it.

The polyester fiber fabric is absolutely waterproof, it is your exclusive waterproof companion. Don't worry about it being too dense, we have left ventilation holes in the production of the umbrella cover, which can ensure that the wind and heat in and around the umbrella remain stable and grounded, and will not affect your enjoyment of the cool breeze and natural breath outdoors.It is the most responsible choice for creating outdoor shading spaces.

Best Bang For the Buck: Balcony Privacy Screen

Balcony Privacy Screen

One of the indicators of enjoying an outdoor shaded space is privacy.Summer enthusiasm will erode the privacy boundary between people.this time you need a balcony privacy screen, to prevent sunlight damage is a matter of course.

more importantly,it can also prevent the prying eyes of others.

you can choose according to the level of privacy you need, it is best bang for the buck. It's good to have the warmth, but at the same time protect your privacy to enjoy the comfort of the whole summer.

Best Supporting Actor: Fence Screen

fence screen

Good fences make good neighbors, but when that's not enough, new fence screens may work.

After all, old-fashioned fences can't stop prying eyes. The new fence has a fully closed type, but considering the cost performance, how to choose is obvious. Of course, we always rely on quality, fence screens not only have long-term stability but also can be easily installed and removed, installation time is only 20 minutes. Depending on how much time you plan to use your screen, you can also choose the best type and material.

The most important thing is that without a fence screen, your garden will look thin no matter how beautiful it is. With it, your garden will have a boundary and become a wonderful little world. Just like a movie, a great protagonist can make a movie great, and a great supporting role can make a movie sublime.

Most Versatile: Shade Cloth

shade cloth

With a shade sail, you don't have to fear the summer heat, and you can plan a small garden in the backyard with your family, which is fun that no one else can imagine.

But please consider how to shade outdoor plants from the sun. almost all plants are hungry for sunlight and afraid of the scorching sun, over-shading shade cloth may not be suitable, 40%-70% shading rate of shade cloth for you to choose from, there is always a suitable plant for you.

Don’t forget about your pets too, if you want your dog to have a cool outdoor space, you can choose to cover its crate or dog house with a shade cloth.

Playful and educational, you can study gardening in the yard with your kids and dog.

In the evening, the whole family can also have a barbecue party in the garden, which is not only full of enthusiasm, but also full of warmth.

Friendly reminder: don't leave a safety hazard, keep the grill away from the textiles.

Best Assist: Hammock


The pure natural outdoor shade space has a special flavor.If you yearn for natural shade, you can choose a hammock to help you realize your desire.

In the hammock, you can enjoy the embrace of nature. A slight wind blows, just like a mother gently rocking the cradle, it is a long-lost sense of peace of mind.

You can also try the 2 Person hammock, which features the ability to accommodate two people. Whether it is taking a nap at the beach at noon or watching the stars together on a summer night, it can be an opportunity for family members to enhance their relationship and an unforgettable memory.

Don't worry about safety issues, the hammock is made of 100% genuine bamboo, which is environmentally friendly. The surface is treated to make it stronger and more durable.

Best Design:Custom-Made

Excellent ideas are precious, and the craftsmanship that can realize this idea is even more precious. Customized products can realize all your ideas.

Take the shade sail as an example, not satisfied with the shape of the standard product? That's ok; not happy with the color? That's ok; not satisfied with the size? does not matter. Customized products meet all your needs.

More excellent durability, longer service life, more matching functions, this is your ultimate choice for outdoor sunshade.

The best design belongs to you and your custom products.


Children make choices, adults want them all. If you feel like you're wasting your time and energy, you can choose them all, and in fact, their combination will have a chemical effect that may end up beyond your imagination.

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