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Why design outdoor spaces?

outdoor space
  • Close to nature
  • Absolute control of free space

Outdoor spaces are spaces that belong to you both indoors and beyond, and there is a growing need to create comfortable outdoor spaces that go beyond indoors. For most families, creative outdoor space has two absolute advantages, one is close to nature, and the other is the freedom of space.

Many people spend 80% of their lives indoors and less than 5% outdoors. Eating, sleeping, working, and even sports are all indoors. But the fresh air, warm sunshine, beautiful outdoor scenery, and other gifts of nature are turned away. Let the murky air, icy lights, and monotonous space stifle our nature and freedom. It's a waste of life.

And the small space in the room has long been unable to meet our needs. Electrical appliances, furniture, entertainment supplies, sports equipment, and daily necessities fill the indoor space, and the role of the indoor space has changed from enjoying life to meeting the needs of survival. So, whether your outdoor space is small or wide, it is the last sanctuary of your freedom.


Consider the climate of your location:

Unlike interior design, although suitable furniture still plays an important role in the layout of outdoor space, the most basic and important factor that must be considered in outdoor space design is climate.

The United States has almost all the climate types in the world and is the country with the richest climate types in the world. which is a challenge for outdoor space design. This is also the reason why many outdoor shade products like shade sails and patio umbrellas are widely used.



  • Temperate continental climate zone in the northeast
  • New England
  • Continental climate from north to center

Winters in the northeast are cold and summers are mild and rainy, shade at home is not enough, and polyester shade sails with PU coating materials need to be utilized. and you may also need to add fence screens to the fence to avoid strong hot and cold winds, so that you can enjoy outdoor activities for most of the summer.

New England states have a great climate and natural scenery, making them a mecca for outdoor activities or romantic getaways. but when winter nights are cold, you can add some outdoor space heaters so you can enjoy the freedom of outdoor life all year round. Be careful to design the space so that your grill and other cooking equipment yard are kept away from the lounge area.

The continental climate in the north results in extremely cold winters and hot summers. There will also be severe thunderstorms near the central part of the continent. Your design must consider protection, weatherproof heavy-duty fence screens, breathable HPDE sunshade sails, and heavier and weather-resistant furniture is more suitable. And some light decorative light strips and weather-intolerant plants may not be worth the effort to arrange.



The southeast and south have mostly subtropical climates with much higher heat and humidity than other areas, so you'll need shade denser than trees or small shade cloths provide. And here, storms and rainstorms occur more frequently. if your area is in such a climate, you may need to provide enough solid roofs, walls, and fences, you may need a lot of shade cloth to protect your plants. and make strong anchors to install HPDE shade sail. Because a waterproof shade sail may reduce the service life due to long-term heavy rain.



Some people in mountainous and frigid zones need to add more facilities to their outdoor living areas, especially outdoor space heating equipment, you can equip fire pits, chimneys, heating, or other types of heating equipment, and then use it as the core, equipped with other facilities. Windproof roofs and walls are essential, and other products must also be practical, they must be able to withstand rain, snow, and frost from all angles.





Part of the mountainous plateau and the tropical desert climate in the southwest, the climate is extremely arid. Deserts and semi-deserts are formed here, and the vegetation is extremely sparse, which cannot provide enough shade for people. However, personal outdoor space may be extremely wide. At this time, in order to protect your furniture and other outdoor facilities, your outdoor space may be more suitable for multiple small HPDE shade sails or customize a large shade sail that matches your garden style. I recommend custom-made products more, because it has better durability. In this climate, the service life is undoubtedly the key point that needs to be paid attention to.



Getting the most out of your outdoor space requires taking climate into consideration. Design and adjust your outdoor space with tips for different climates. Close to nature, integrate with nature, and let a good outdoor space design revolutionize our life.

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