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shade sail

Are you attracted to the artistic design of the shade sail? Curious about its healing shading effect? We show you how to unlock the creative world of shading.




  • Healing shading effect
  • Creative optimization of the combination space
  • Added value in different spaces

Shade sails are a commodity that creates outdoor shade based on the basic technology of textiles in sails, creating shadows through a flexible membrane stretched between multiple anchor points. Legend has it that the ancient Egyptians and later the Greeks and Romans used large pieces of fabric to provide shade from the sun, which is where the idea for the shade sail originated.

With the development of modern technology, the design, manufacturing materials, and manufacturing process of sunshade sails have made significant progress. For people in countries with strong sunlight radiation, its sunshade effect is undoubtedly healing. In addition, it is cheap and Easy to install, under the trend of global warming, it is being used more and more widely.

Sunshade sails are also creative outdoor products. Many people choose it because of its creative decorative effect on outdoor spaces. It divides and combines spaces according to the owner's wishes and designs, and has an overwhelming presence in public gathering places feel.

Of course, creativity is not limited to combining different resources to achieve shocking effects, but also activates hidden potentials on the basis of the original things, creates new value, improves the original evaluation, and thus derives a new way of thinking and realization. The different additional functions of the shade sail developed in different outdoor spaces are what makes it original and memorable.

Read on to learn about some common shade sail usage scenarios, and truly great ideas can only come from knowing the value of a shade sail.




1. Courtyard

shade sail
  • Create a creative and shady comfort zone
  • Fully protect the human body
  • Environmental protection and consumption reduction

The courtyard is the most common space for the use of shade sails, and the owner of the courtyard is also the most loyal fan of the sun sail.

The size of the courtyard, the type and height of plants, and the location and style of outdoor furniture, they know their little world too well. They thought it out and all they lacked was a product that realized their idea. They use local materials, using tree trunks, walls, and colonnades as shade poles and shade sail posts, and realize their creative designs to create shaded comfort zones. This is the best outdoor DIY activity for them in summer. After installation, they can enjoy the shade immediately, and best of all, unlike the indoor refrigeration equipment, the shade sail keeps the owner refreshing and comfortable while maintaining the enthusiasm of the owner.

Long-term use will make the owner aware of its protection of the skin, HDPE material sunshade sail protects the owner from direct sunlight and blocks 95% of harmful ultraviolet rays, directly protecting the human body from sun damage. The polyester sunshade sail with PU coating material is also waterproof.

Shade sails are also environmental practitioners, and it is never environmentally friendly to use refrigeration equipment arbitrarily and let extreme weather destroy your furniture, vehicles, and plants. Studies have shown that shade conditions have the most significant impact on certain plant emissions: the production of volatile compounds is reduced by 70%. Needless to say, shade sails can do enough to reduce your expenses and protect your property and the environment.

Bonus tip: Don't limit your creativity, try to use different sizes and colors of shade sails to complete your design for a better experience. You can also learn more about sunshade sail customization.


2. Pool

shade sail
  • Create privacy boundaries
  • Prevent heat stroke and sunburn in the owner
  • Isolate foreign bodies

Spending time swimming outdoors is a great way to exercise, reduce stress, and get vitamin D.

But the swimming pool in summer is the place where the privacy boundary is the most fuzzy. If it is a villa and a detached house, it is fine, but in a building area such as a townhouse or an apartment building, whether it is an outdoor commercial pool or a private pool, shade is required Fan to shield some persistent eyes. There isn't a more tactful, firm, and polite way of refusal.

Before enjoying the pool, we need to correct three cognitive mistakes of most people: water helps you protect yourself from the sun; Cloudy days do not require sun protection; Do not use sun protection after swimming.

Ultraviolet light can travel through water depths of more than one meter. And because water reflects sunlight, the intensity of irradiation will be stronger, and people will be exposed to double ultraviolet radiation in water.

Cloudy swimming? Cloudy sunlight also has ultraviolet rays, not that you can't see it. So when swimming, water is not your helper, strong ultraviolet rays through the reflection of water, will cause a significant loss of moisture in the hair keratin, and may also sunburn the skin.

In the same way, dry your body quickly after swimming to reduce the reflection of water droplets on the body and reduce the chance of skin being damaged by ultraviolet rays.

So, if you want to enjoy summer in the outdoor pool, prepare sunscreen and shade sails.

To onlookers, placing trees near the pool is a seemingly creative thing to do, both to provide shade and clean the air, but also to block the view and beautify the space. But the owner of the pool often has a word of suffering, after all, leaves and even branches are too easy to fall into the water, especially on windy days, Distant debris and foreign objects will come uninvited, and then float on the surface of your pool, accumulate at the bottom of your pool, and even cause the pool to be blocked, making you trapped in the cleaning work.

Sunshade sails can help block some foreign objects from entering the pool, at least while you enjoy it, it can protect your experience.

 Extra tip: Polyester shade sails with PU coating may be more suitable for pools so as not to disturb your pool trip or leave you too late to shelter from the rain.


3. Children's playground

shade sail

  • Build a paradise in your child's heart           
  • Protect equipment

The children's playground here refers to various public places where children gather: school playgrounds, daycare centers, open-air toddler play areas, and open-air parks. Not every children's park is called Disney, but easy-to-disassemble and cost-effective sunshade sails seem to be naturally suitable for these children's parks. Several shade sails combined give the space a three-dimensional feel, and instantly have the same attraction as a theme park.

With just a few sets of shade sails, we can easily create a little world for children. To see them active in the summer, parents will be happy to find such a paradise for them and bear some expenses.

If you are the owner of these facilities and land, it is also necessary to carry out some sheltering measures for conservation purposes, After all, facilities that have been eroded and faded by the scorching sun and heavy rain and the smelling EPDM plastic floor will not be the first choice for children to play.

Extra advice: don't just tend to be large and monotonous when designing, play to the characteristics of combination, just as the deliciousness of the burger comes from the combination of bread, steak, and side dishes.


4. Stadium

shade sailshade sail
  • Make the stadium space more cohesive
  • Fan mood amplifier
  • Guardian of stadium facilities and fans

The stadium is very suitable for sunshade sails, especially baseball stadiums, It needs sunshade sails to make the overly wide space more cohesive, the stadium is a slow melting pot, a more organized and cohesive space to let the fan fire of enthusiasm fill the home field, that is an incredible scene.

In other words, a well-designed sense of space will make fans more excited and become a mood booster for fans. And when they are relaxing, shade sails and plants, and furniture will allow them to relax while talking enthusiastically about the game and the team. The connection between fans and the team will become stronger, and the stadium will become their second courtyard.

Of course, the summer heat is also an essential factor that shade sails must have, after all, they can reduce the ambient temperature by more than a dozen degrees and provide up to 95% UV protection, which is a little measure that the team should do for the fans. Shade sails also protect fans and refrigeration equipment from overheating and sunlight. This is much less costly than constant repairs.

Extra advice: The stadium is my home, and it depends on everyone to accompany me. Compared to standard products, custom sunshades can enhance performance in all aspects, provide superior durability, and only require simple maintenance to accompany everyone for a long time of enjoyment.


5. Campgrounds

  • Improve sun protection space
  • DIY activities for kids

shade sailSunshine is synonymous with camping. It can be healthy and can lift your spirits, but sunlight can also be dangerous. Many times, even if you follow the camping sun protection safety protocols exactly, you may end up with sunburn or heat stroke. This is when campers need a place where they can rest in peace. How do you ensure that every camper has a safe, fun summer in the sun? The first is to perfect your sunscreen space with a shade sail.

This space can be built by yourself. If you are a professional campsite or camping team, please let the children try it, This activity is fun and useful, and simple teamwork is a great way to deepen the connection between children.   



My lack of imagination can only go so far, but my friends, your passion is limitless, sharing your needs and usage scenarios, If you are not satisfied with the color and size of the standard product, you can choose to customize, which is equivalent to creating your outdoor space with your own hands.

Don't let yourself adjust to summer, but let summer adapt to you.

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