SUNNY GUARD 150GSM Charcoal Privacy Fence Screen

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Color Charcoal
Size 4' x 25'

Durable Construction: Crafted from high-grade, 150 GSM virgin HDPE material. This all-new, non-recycled fabric boasts superior strength and longevity. UV stabilizers are woven throughout the material, shielding the screen from sun damage, rips, and fading, ensuring lasting performance.

Enhanced Privacy: Establish a secluded haven in your backyard, patio, pool area, garden, pergola, construction site, plant nursery, or any other outdoor space with our Privacy Fence Screen. The screen effectively blocks wind, dust, unwanted views, and even some curious animal visitors. It provides the most cost-effective solution for creating a private retreat.

Reinforced Design: Heavy-duty, rustproof grommets are distributed evenly along all edges. Additionally, all borders are fortified with a 2-inch black binding, creating exceptional tear resistance. This robust construction allows the screen to withstand wind gusts effortlessly.

Simple Installation: Secure the screen to your fence using zip ties looped through the grommets on both sides. Ensure all grommets are utilized for a taut and secure fit. The screen can also be directly nailed or stapled to wooden fences for added stability. Remember to accurately measure your fence before purchasing.

Confidence in Quality: Backed by a comprehensive 5-year warranty for normal wear and tear under expected weather conditions. All our fence screen products are covered by a warranty, ensuring your peace of mind.