Frequently Asked Questions


Answer: The shade sails made of HDPE (high density polyethylene) material are not waterproof, which is Focus on blocking UV rays and sunlight.

And the waterproof shade sail made of Polyester with PU coating, anti-mildew/light rain, but can not block the rainstorm.

Answer: This product can be used for 2-3 years in normal weather conditions. Perfect for gardens, patios, swimming pools, bbq areas.

Answer: Curved sides to enhance pull strength and prevent drooping, it will cause the actual shading area to shrink slightly. You can get more shading rate to install shade sails together for different sizes and colors.

Answer: Free giving 1.5 m long durable ropes, but the stainless steel hardware kit need to buy separately. Installation with hardware kit will be more convenient and stable.

Answer: We will ship the products from the local warehouse directly.

Answer: The balcony privacy screen made with 100% 160 GSM new high density polyethylene(HDPE) material--no recycled materials used, more healthy and safe. Commercial solid fabric can achieve 80-90% blockage. Of course, the fabric is the same to shade sail, so it can be UV-resistant. 

And the waterproof balcony screen made of 100% polyester fabric with a weight of 160 g/m². The excellent PU coating, it's the ideal protection against rain and wind.

Answer: The airflow is fine, the HDPE screen not a solid fabric, breeze will come through.

Answer: 20 inches between grommets.

Answer: No, the mosquito net can't be taken down, as one part is made-in with hammock bed, another side is with zipper, and you can just flip it over, and used it without net.

Answer: The steel stand holds weight up to 450LBS, and the thickness of pole is 0.07 inchs, strong and durable. Easy to adjust as well.

Answer: Instruction manual inside the package, no need tools, just screw up hooks and bolts, so easy and quick!

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