Rainbow hammock


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Rainbow hammock

A hammock's relationship with other bedding has never consisted of just competition, and its inclusiveness is the biggest reason why we always choose hammocks.

The strong competitiveness bred by constant innovation is the driving force behind the evolution of the hammock. Traditional bedding has its distinctive cultural additions and time-honored traditions around the world. The tent is a camping essential. However, hammocks learn from each other's strengths and continue to innovate, occupying an increasing proportion of indoor and outdoor leisure spaces.

We appreciate and respect the bedding traditions of different cultures, so hammocks use modern technology to absorb the advantages of different bedding cultures and develop unique advantages. We love camping culture, but tents are too heavy, and the necessary equipment for lightweight camping has changed from tents to hammocks.

Hammocks don't conflict with traditional bedding but are a great addition to your home's bedding category. Here are seven reasons why people always choose hammocks.


1. It's cool, it's free

Rainbow hammock

The biggest advantage of traditional bedding is the design underpinning that matches the local climate, culture, and environment. Not only does it offer a powerful sense of comfort, but it is also a cultural symbol. But objectively speaking, the period will come when these advantages are fully covered by hammocks.

Freedom is practiced in every way by free people. The simplest and most unadorned netting can be combined with mattresses and pillows of different colors and styles, in all seasons, on land, in the water, and in the air, in any scenario. Anyone must say: cool! It's just too cool!


2. Long-term maintenance of health

indoor hammock

If you've ever watched a Hollywood pirate movie, you know that hammocks have been used to protect our health for 500 years, but only at sea in the past. Modern hammocks are no longer so rudimentary; the materials, design, and accessories have been upgraded and are perfectly suited for use all over the world.

Many people have the misconception that hammocks cause back pain. No, not at all! This has been proven over the past few hundred years. Even people who suffer from back pain caused by sleeping in traditional bedding can get relief by sleeping in a hammock. Moreover, hammocks are very relaxing and soothing, and enjoying reading time in a hammock is a great way to cure anxiety.


3. The ultimate money-saver

homemade hammockYou've probably never seen a bed this cheap; the vast majority of hammocks are under $100, a price that doesn't even reach the lower end of quality traditional bedding.

What's even more dramatic is that more than 50% of hammocks are available for less than $50. Its advantages include, but are not limited to, high-quality fabrics, mounting hardware, and portability. This reminds me of the iPad commercial: "Your next computer, is not a computer". Here it could be changed to a hammock ad just right: "Your next bed, is not a traditional bedding".



4. Save space, create space

Blue indoor hammock

Don't let space confine you, have your own personalized space. A hammock can help you free up floor space and create more personalized options.

A hammock with a bamboo pole is the closest to nature, you can enjoy the morning sunshine in the backyard with birds and flowers; The afternoon deck on the leisure of the hammock reading activity is also difficult to leave; Indoor window sill at the height of the night to enjoy the bewitchment is also a good choice.


5. More fun and atmosphere

romantic double hammock

Childhood sweethearts, is a Chinese saying for young men and women who have been friends since childhood. Shopping for a double hammock with your childhood friend on hammock day, you can choose a solid color, beige is good, romantic, and pure. Compared to a normal bed, in a hammock, your distractions will be reduced and your emotions will be pure and focused. Please choose different scenes to create different atmospheres and grasp the good time.


6. Better Companionship

Mother and Child Intimacy HammockWhat a touching image! True companionship is never an exaggerated sacrifice of devotion, but ordinary years spent together.

Whether you are a husband and wife or a mother and son, apart from sharing the same bed at night, do you have leisure time to spend with each other? If not, a double hammock can help you create this calm and warm companionship.


7. Reclaim your youthful years

The hammock witnesses your youthful years

There are hammocks and there are stories, and these stories are the keys to your memories of your youthful years. Sitting in a hammock, gently swaying with your best friend, humming childhood songs, your stories will turn into notes that will take you into those good old days.

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