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Building an outdoor space with a shade sail as a patio cover is a quick way of shading that most people can think of and execute. “It cools my patio by 15°C!" This is a very rare comment. But shade sails generally reduce the environment by 5-10°C (9=18°F), and the larger the sail and the more coverage it provides, the better the cooling effect usually is.


Try using huge shade sails to cool down your living space and fulfill your desire to have a shady living area. It's the fashion trend.


huge shade sail

Investing in huge Sun Shade sails

Large shade sails are usually large sun sails or custom-made heavy duty shade sails. These sails are made of heavy-duty fabrics that can withstand harsh weather conditions and provide commercial-grade durability, sun protection, and privacy.


The sun is always moving, and one of the difficulties we have when installing shade sails is that we have to adjust the height and angle of the sail to take into account that the shade changes throughout the day and throughout the year. But by customizing huge shade sails, you can ignore this problem. Once you've seen the huge sail shadows that cover a plaza, you'll understand their purpose.


They can also be combined into various artistic shapes to accomplish difficult design tasks and create creative and beautiful outdoor spaces. Each Giant Shade Sail design is a vehicle for inspiration and can inspire more people to create more elegant outdoor spaces.


Sure, it costs quite a bit of money in construction, but it's still more cost-effective than other shade structures, which is a key factor in making this new way of outdoor elegance popular in major scenes.


How to Keep the Space Cool with Huge Shade Sails 

  1. Cover the Entire Space

Just like the huge shade sails on squares and bridges, adjusting the coverage area and angle of the shade sails can block intense sunlight and lower the temperature of the entire space by 6-10°C.


You may find it less interesting to build a large structure than to fix small shade sails strategically and with excellent design, but in fact, having multiple fixed points and larger coverage area shade sails is more operable. If you want a better shading effect, you can adjust the design and installation to increase the difficulty for yourself.


Also, your pool, terrace, and pergola all need to be covered. Is it better to have small combinations or large full coverage? Actually, it's the same, so why not choose the more cost-effective latter?


  1. Combination of Sun Shade Sails

Using standard sunshade sail combinations instead of custom large shade sail combinations is also a feasible alternative. Sometimes, you may prefer to leave more space between the coverings. You can keep the view and maintain a certain amount of sunlight.


Depending on your design and space layout, this can partially replace huge shade sails. You can arrange shade sails on the roof terrace, balcony deck, front yard, and backyard respectively, or set up shade sail combinations where the sunlight is strongest.


  1. Supplement Your Shade with Trees

To maximize savings, large shade sails can be used in conjunction with shade trees to fill protection gaps. You may be wondering if a standard shade sail can do this. It depends on the size of your yard and your sun protection goals.


A standard shade sail will only ensure partial coverage of your backyard deck space, patio, or pergola. A huge shade sail, on the other hand, creates an environment that perfectly fits the shade of the trees and the shadow of the house through a custom design that reduces water loss and evaporation from the trees and lawn, stops the negative cycle caused by UV rays, and creates a shady, cool area for people to enjoy. Keeping the entire residential area cool.


Note: This is an artistic and effective method, but it requires a lot of time and effort and may have requirements for the area of your house and backyard. Not all yards are suitable for this method.


shade sail combinations


- Perfect Design: Designing a huge shade sail landscape is a challenge, but the most important thing is not to insist on gorgeous decoration and reluctantly design; safety comes first, durability comes second, and Decorative effect comes third.

- Strong Anchoring: The fixing points and brackets not only need to be firm and stable but also should not conflict with each other.

- Correct Installation: Good design requires correct execution, carefully completing the installation, and enjoying the shade of the sun shade canopy.

- Facing the Challenge of Wind: The larger the area, the more it needs to face the test of wind. In addition to perfect design, strong anchoring, and correct installation, wind directly tests the quality of shade sails.


In Conclusion

Huge shade sails bring huge benefits, but the quality is a great test. If you want to use huge shade sails to keep the space cool, please contact us, and LOVESTORY's 20 years of experience will give you the greatest sense of security.

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