Sand-colored rectangular shade sail covering a summer patio pool


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Sand-colored rectangular shade sail covering a summer patio pool

One small step for civilization, one giant leap for shade sails. It is our pursuit that everyone can enjoy the outdoor space with shade sails in summer.

A century ago, people would not have imagined or had no way to apply the idea of sailing in the sea to outdoor sunshades. With the change of climate and the advancement of science and technology, in the 21st century today, sunshade sails have received extensive attention and are used as a semi-permanent or permanent sunshade structure.

The new replaces the old, the advanced replaces the backward, this is the truth that nature tells us. The solid sunshade structure has a good shading effect, but poor air permeability; sunscreen clothing is highly professional, but cannot be applied to daily life; umbrellas can protect against sun and rain, but cannot meet people's more diverse needs for sunshade. Thus, the sunshade sail came into being.

Although the sunshade sail is so excellent, like many products, there are still many details that the public needs to know and misunderstandings that are easy to fall into during the purchase, installation, and use of the sunshade sail. Let's avoid or solve these myths, our pursuit is to let everyone enjoy the outdoor space with shade sails in summer.


1. Misunderstandings of sunshade sails

There is no one-size-fits-all product. It is very important what kind of sunshade sail you have in mind and what role it will play.

Do you want the shade sail to be waterproof or breathable? Materials tend to focus on these two points, we recommend that you choose materials that match your local living environment and weather.

It is not that the heavier the better. Novices often have little knowledge and feel that the heavier the weight, the better the quality. This is also the result of misleading by some so-called experts. In fact, 160GSM sails have 90% UV protection, and 180GSM can protect 95% from harmful UV rays. Excessive weight will only be more expensive, and it will affect the life of your anchor and reduce your experience.


2. Misunderstandings in the selection of the type of sunshade sail

The type of shade sail shows your design ideas, Understand the type of shade sail, and then keep imagining and being creative.

  • Avoid using a single shade sail if the space you want to cover is too large. An oversized sunshade sail is bound to be difficult to maintain, and it is not easy to maintain a tense state in the face of strong winds. And we can choose plural sails to achieve the same effect. Choosing big is an impulse, resist it.
  • If you choose multiple sails, avoid overlapping them. Leave 1.5 feet of clearance between the sails to prevent them from rubbing against each other due to strong winds.
  • Do not neglect the edge shape of the shade sail. The edge of the sunshade sail has a straight edge and an arc edge respectively, and the edge is designed to be arc-shaped, which is to keep the sunshade sail tight after installation, prevent the middle of the sunshade sail from loosening, and ensure that the appearance does not deform.
  • Don't forget that there are custom-made products. If your space is peculiar, or you are not satisfied with the uniformity of standard products. You can choose custom products to fully realize your creativity.


3. Misunderstandings in choosing the size of the sunshade sail

Don't choose a size that exactly matches your selected area. What you ultimately want is the area of the shaded area, so the angle of the sun exposure has to be taken into account and it is wise to have the shade sail measure 10% more than your measurements on each side.


4. Misunderstandings in the color selection of sunshade sails

Don't give up your favorite color easily. Dark shades work better than light shades, based on this common sense, as well as some expert advice. Many people have abandoned their favorite light colors such as white and green, and chose dark colors.

The shade factor is not the UV protection factor. The shading coefficient of dark colors is about 95%, and that of light colors is about 75%. However, all colors have an ultraviolet protection factor (UDF) above 90 percent, which is an indicator of protection from harmful UV rays.

But dark colors are indeed more heat-absorbing than light colors, and the shading effect is better. After giving it a lot of thought, choose your favorite color.


5. Misunderstandings in the installation of sunshade sails

Whether or not you install your shade sails correctly relates to your ability to maximize the longevity of your shade sails.

  • Do not use weak anchors and flimsy fixtures, they will make the sail sag and loose. Make sure the masts and walls are strong enough and use fixtures of a trusted brand and material. For example, the LOVE STORY hardware kit includes carabiners, turnbuckles, screws, and spring hooks, all of which are made of 316 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and durable.
  • Don’t forget to give a 1-1.5 feet distance between your anchor point and the shade sail, this is to allow your sail to stay taut easily.
  • Try to avoid setting the anchors of your sails at the same height. Depending on the application, you may need to lay the sunshade sail flat, but we must tell you that this method is easy to accumulate rainwater, which will cause the sail to sag and reduce its service life. The most scientific way is to make the height of the anchor points different, so that the sail maintains a three-dimensional shape.


6. Misunderstandings in cleaning the sunshade sail

Cleaning is a small thing, but please take it seriously. That way, your sails can serve you at their best.

  • Do not use hard brushes or scouring pads to clean the sunshade sails, and do not put them into the washing machine or dryer just to save trouble, they can easily damage the sails. But you can clean it with a soft brush, rinse it with a hose, and let it air dry.
  • Make sure your cleaner does not contain acidic chemicals, which can weaken the performance of fabrics, Use a mild cleaner (such as soap locust or dish soap).
  • Do not clean frequently, once a year is enough.


7. Misunderstandings in the maintenance of sunshade sails

Do not ignore the shade sail for a long time. It's not that nothing is left alone and the shade sails will be able to have 5 years of durability.

  • It is best to check the shade sails and fixtures once a week, especially in wet and rainy areas where stainless steel can also corrode and shade sails can get moldy.
  • Do not let the shade sail work continuously for 365 days. It is rarely used in winter, and rain and snow can also corrode the hardware.
  • Do not place the sunshade sails at random. Many people cannot use the sunshade sails in the second year because they are not kept properly. It is best to put it in a sealed plastic bag and store it properly.


Emphasize again

Outdoor lounge area with shade sails and furniture

Misunderstandings are not created in a day, please use the experience of predecessors to avoid these misunderstandings. More importantly, avoiding mistakes is the best way to save costs and improve the experience. Hope the above information can help you get a shade sail that can accompany you for a long time.

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