Shade sails of different colors intermingled in the bright sunlight Shade sails of different colors intermingled in the bright sunlight


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Shade sails of different colors intermingled in the bright sunlight Shade sails of different colors intermingled in the bright sunlight

Shade sails are the first choice for many people to optimize their outdoor space. It can not only shade the strong sunlight and protect people's health but also beautify the outdoor space so that people can enjoy a more comfortable outdoor life.

Because of the strong applicability of the sunshade sail, people want to maximize its value, and it becomes a difficult task to choose a color.

Read on for some advice on choosing your shade sail color.

According to the degree of importance, please consider the following 5 angles in turn.


1. The protective effect is the first

Health is the first factor that must be considered. As a sunscreen textile, the index to measure its sunscreen effect is the degree of blocking harmful light to the human body.

UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), indicates the proportion of ultraviolet rays that cause sunburn measured without fabric protection, taking the sunny guard sunshade sail as an example, UPF30+ means that the blocking rate of ultraviolet rays reaches more than 96.7%, which means that every Of the 30 beams of harmful ultraviolet rays, 29 beams will be blocked, which is typical of protective fabrics.

For the blocking of ultraviolet rays, dark colors are indeed higher than light-colored sails. According to the survey results, one of the colors with the lowest UPF is red, and the blocking rate is about 90%, which is barely on the qualified line.


2. Specific shading effect

As a common sense of life, we know that dark colors absorb more light than light colors.

So Shade Factor can be used as a scientific criterion. It is different from the UV protection factor and is an overall judgment on the amount of visible and invisible light blocked in sunlight. The value of dark colors such as black and dark gray reaches more than 97%, but the value of light colors such as white and yellow may only be about 75%.

Obviously, darker shades are more effective, and because of the large difference in the amount of light and heat that passes through, the darker shaded areas are also cooler.


3. Influence of Appearance

Among those who have difficulty choosing the color of the shade sail, regular customers sometimes outnumber newcomers.

They are not worried about the protective effect of the shade sail, but the effect of the color tone on the appearance. They don't pay attention to their feelings, but they are not sure about the preferences of customers.

It may be applied to public areas, such as bridges and parks; it may also be used in commercial spaces, such as the outdoor space of coffee shops and open-air baths; it may also be installed in office places, and outdoor office has gradually become a kind of trend.

It is recommended that the purchaser do a questionnaire according to the demand. I believe this is the most convenient and effective method.


4. Additional effects

Some additional effects may not be noticed by you, but this may also be one of the important factors affecting your choice of shade sail color.

Light colors reflect light strongly. In places with a lot of traffic during the day, it can help improve the level of privacy and avoid some peeps from above or from the side. This is also one of the reasons why some coffee shops and cake shops in commercial and residential areas use light-colored shade sails. It's not just because of the color that customers favor it.

For some people who tend to work outdoors, a certain amount of sunlight can broaden the minds of designers and make programmers who have not seen the sun all year round healthier.

Popular light colors: cream, light gray, fruit green

Darker sails create cooler shaded areas which will undoubtedly save you energy and increase your safety factor. In some large outdoor restaurants, campgrounds, and school sports, dark gray is very popular.

Popular dark colors: Black, dark gray, charcoal, brown


5. Combination effect

It may be that the idea of cost priority inhibits people's thinking. Sometimes the best answer will be excluded first, that is, combined purchase.

The combination of different colors is nothing new. If your space is large enough, a single color will appear monotonous, which is a problem for design. The combination of colors will make the space show a three-dimensional effect.

You can also choose multi-color stripes, which can also give you an excellent experience.



Various colors intertwined like musical notes on a white background

Sharing the above five angles is not to help you make a choice or make your choice more difficult, but to broaden your thinking when you are making a difficult choice so that you can choose the most needed angle to choose from. If you don't have your ideas, you can also choose the color you need according to the above importance.

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